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  • Established 2002.
  • Over two decades of working within corporate creative teams.
  • Elegant promotional solutions tailored for each client we serve.
  • Collaborative network of talented affiliates.
  • Minimal overhead, big design quality and value.
  • A designing role in hundreds of promotional campaigns for all types of businesses; small, large, for-profit and non-profit.
  • Refined style for clean, fresh, understandable results.
Graphic Design
Ads. Publications. Collateral. Websites.

Aligned with your in-house creative team or as a freelance contractor, my graphic design and branding experience can bring fresh solutions to the marketing of your products and services.

I'm a seasoned graphic designer serving local and national accounts. I'm based in the Northwest Montana resort community of Whitefish. Along with affiliated web developers, photographers and printers, I have been designing magazines, magazine ads, books, websites, and other projects such as brochures, posters and retail point-of-sale for clients throughout the U.S. since 2002. With a design career spanning three decades in corporate design shops, I leverage my experience to deliver solutions that fit your advertising needs and budget.

Please contact us to obtain more information or to discuss a quote for your next print or interactive publication project.